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7 February 2010

December 2009


Jubilee  Recital in Mali Sal Philarmonia, St. Petersburg

New CD release with music by Anton Rubinstein, St. Petersburg.  For more information, please see producer's website: 

26 November 2009

  Recital in Stockholm at  Nybrokajen 11. (Programme: "Nocturnes and Variations" by Field, Glinka, Beethoven, Tchaikovsky, Chopin and Rachmaninov
22 November 2009   Recital at Gränsö Castle, Västervik, Sweden
September 2009   Recital in memory of Russian composer Anton Rubinstein, White Hall, Peterhof Palace,  St. Petersburg
13 September 2009   Broadcast of interview on Russian Radio Orphei. Victor Ryabchikov interviewed by Molchanov.  To listen:
14 March 2009   Recital at Prostgårdslagårn, Torsby, Sweden
15 March 2009   Recital at Arvika Museum, Sweden
25 March 2009   Recital at Nybrokajen 11, Stockholm, Sweden
28 October 2008   Recital at Leighton House Museum, London (In Memoriam of Dr Frederik Philips, Holland)
18 October 2008   Recital at Dom Utchonov, St. Petersburg
17 Sept. 2008   Recital at  Peterhoff Palace, St. Petersburg
26 July 2008   Recital at Gerlesborgsskolan on the Swedish West Coast, at 19.30
5 February 2008   Recital at the Zubin Metha Music Society in Mumbai. Programme: Russian composers Griboyedov, Glinka, Balakirev plus Chopin.
3 February 2008   Recital at Cultural Centre of Russia in Mumbai, India, initiated by Padam-shri Kekoo Gandhy, sponsored by Transasia Bio-Medicals Ltd and Consulate General of the Russian federation in Mumbai. Programme: Music by Russian composers Borodin,Griboyedov, Glinka, Lyadov, Tchaikovsky plus Chopin.
2 February 2008   Victor has been looking all over the world for a certain score of Chopins 2:nd piano concerto with Chopin’s own fingering and extrodinarily enough he found it in the piano shop in Mumbai where he had been practising! 
16 January 2008   Recital at Asia Plateau 40th anniversary, Panchgani, India. Programme:Borodin,Griboyedov, Glinka, Lyadov, Tchaikovsky plus Chopin.
2008 Tour in India
19 nov 2007  

Recital at Berwaldhallen in Stockholm. Programme:

Ludwig van Beethoven, Sonata No.1 in F Minor, Op.2:1

Anton Rubinstein, Sonata No. 3 in F Major

Frédéric Chopin, Sonata No. 3 in B minor

Nikolai Medtner, Sonata Vocalise in C Major for piano and voice (with soprano Anouchka Mukherjee).

12 November 2007   Recital in Skövde, Sweden. Programme: see above
16 September 2007   Recital: “In Memory of Anton Rubinstein” at The Peterhoff Great Palace in S:t Petersburg, Russia.
On 9 August 2007:  

Visit to Sweden for charity concerts, arranged by Young Rotary and Engsö Slott, to raise money for a children’s home in Kaliningrad. Programme: music by Anatoly Lyadov, Anton Rubinstein and Chopin.  

Some snippets from the summer 2007: Ryabchikov doing the commentary for the Medtner festival in Moscow on Russian Radio Orphei..

Recitals in Russia, one of which took place in the city of Smolensk, Michail Glinka’s birthplace.

15 April 2007  

Ryabchikov presented and played music by Russian composers in the Grand Hall Folkets Hus, Vänersborg, Sweden.

During 2006 and 2007, in Saint Petersburg, Ryabchikov finished fresh recordings of the two first discs in a new series named: Russian Piano Music, Victor Ryabchikov, fortepiano

1)       Music by Michail Glinka
2)       Music by Kalinnikov, Bortnyansky, Griboyedov and Borodin

The cd:s can be ordered at:, in Saint Petersburg,
Tel: +7 (812) 327 36 60

March 4, 2007:   Recital in “The Small Hall of the Philharmonia”, (The Glinka Hall) in Saint Petersburg. Programme included the smaller pieces Melancholia and Etude in C-Majorr and then the grand Sonata in F-Major by Russian composer and founder of the Saint Petersburg conservatoire, Anton Rubinstein (1821-94). The second part consisted of The Seasons by Tchaikovsky, who was Rubinstein’s first pupil at the conservatoire. Tickets were sold out a week in advance and the audience cheered with hurrah’s, stamping and showering Ryabchikov with flowers after first half and at the of the recital. Someone said: “Ryabchikov has given Anton Rubinstein back to the people of Saint Petersburg!” indicating that Rubinstein’s music was so seldom played that it was nearly forgotten.
October 2006:  

Tour in Zimbabwe, sponsored by British Airways, Meikles Hotels and The Embassy of The Russian Federation, covering the cities of Harare, Mutare, Bulawayo and to end; at Meikles hotel, Victoria Falls. He mainly played before packed and enthralled audiences in concert halls like the Harry Margolis hall in Harare.  “The Herald” had the headline:” Ryabchikov wows Zim crowd”.

The Sunday Mail had the headline: “An evening with Russian piano genius Victor Ryabchikov” and ended the review:”If music be the food of love, then Victor Ryabchikov, indeed, play on!”

December 2005
  Programme to be confirmed.
November 2005   Nov.14th, recital at Nybrokajen 11, Stockholm
October 2005   Buenos Aires, Argentina (dates to be confirmed).
September 2005
  Sept. 1st, recital at Engsö Slott, Sweden.
Sept. 5, 19.00,  recital at "Artisten", Gothenburg, Sweden.
August 2005   Recording.
July 2005    
June 2005   In Scotland until June 6th.
May 2005
  Recitals during Russian-Argentinian festival 16-20th May in Saint Petersburg.
Recital in Edinburgh, UK, May 28th. (Private anniversary celebration).
April 2005   Moscow
March 2005   Tour in Britain: 
March 4;   Jaqueline Du Pre Hall, Oxford
March 8;   Winton House, Pencaithland, Scotland
March 11; Lauderdale House, London
March 15; Chichester College, Chichester.
February 2005   Recitals 15th and 16th of February for the opening of a small concert hall, named "The Glinka Room" in the "House of Russian Culture and Technology" in Berlin, Germany.
January 2005   January 28th, recital to a full house (450) in the Smaller Hall of The Philharmonia, "The Glinka Hall", in Saint Petersburg.
Programme: Lyadov:preludes; Chopin:Sonate No.3, Op.58; Borodin:Le Petite Suite; Rachmaninov:Six Moments Musicaux Op. 16
2004   Awarded a medal by The National Academy of Tourism and The Society for The Promotion of Russian Culture in Saint Petersburg, for his role in promoting Russian piano music outside Russia. (Other award winners included among others: The Marinsky Theatre, The Director of The Russian Museum, The Hermitage.)